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At MemVideo® we provide a service for people who love to watch movies. This includes a large part of the population as movies are one of the major entertainments of modern life. Just think, how many movies do you watch each year and throughout your life?

The casual viewer who may attend a movie theater, see movies on the TV, rent them occasionally or watch with friends probably sees a few thousand movies in their lifetime. The movie enthusiast will likely see many more.

Yet how many can any of us remember? Let's hazard a guess: maybe 10-20 of our favorite ones, with vague recollections of several more and maybe a few of the worst ones.

For such an activity which consumes so much of our time and provides us with laughter, tears, enlightenment and at times cathartic release, we ought to have a better way to keep the memories fresh.

MemVideo® offers such a much-needed service to help us remember the videos we've seen, from the sublime to the mediocre, from enlightened to pure trash.

We are not competing against major movie web sites which offer expert movie reviews and an extensive database of their offerings, some with a commercial angle. Our focus is on you, the viewer and our aim is to help you keep your thoughts and feelings about the movies you watch preserved within your private MemVideo® database. ( See an example of a personal database below).

Here you are the expert! It's your ratings which carry the most weight and your comments and reviews which will help you remember the experience long into the future. Also it's useful to keep track of the losers so you don't waste time on them again.

To add depth to our site we include useful web links to movie reviews and other special features. We also host a Video Blog of the Month.

The reports that Americans spend two to three times as much on DVD's (and other formats) as they spend at movie theaters. Yet how many people actually keep track of what they own? MemVideo® offers a simple way to record your private video inventory.

Our movie database contains several thousand titles and continues to expand with member input, growing dynamically. Besides your personal video information we include genre, year of release, director and lead actors.

Driven by members' urgency to add videos on the spot, we now give them the the option to spontaneously add their own videos or select videos from our database which offers more detail.

Mobility is a fact of modern life and we offer access to your personal video database by Mobile phone or Handset. Having your personal video database in the palm of your hand can save you money while shopping for DVD's or browsing at the video rental store. It can help refresh your memory while chatting with friends about favorite movies. And you can update video information by Mobile as well. This service is global and works wherever a GPRS data connection is available. See the Mobile Data page for more info.


Database Notes

In trying to keep things simple and consistent we narrowed down the categories (or genres) to the following and try our best to assign each movie to the most appropriate category even though some may span more than one genre.


Following is an example of the My Videos page showing a Member's personal database. We now offer extended space for comments or reviews.

A Screen Shot of an Example My Videos Page illustrating a Member's personal database. It shows Movie Title, Whether Seen or Not, Ratings, Comments and if Owned, DVD or VHS



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