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The Mobile phone and Smartphone are radically changing the world of personal communications and information services. Over a quarter of the world's population are now communicating by Mobile. No longer a luxury, every strata of society in even the poorest countries can take advantage of Mobile communications and the new frontier of personal information services and multimedia.

As one of the leaders in this area, MemVideo® has offered a Mobile service for the past four years where users have full access to their personal video information while on the go.

Just recently we have added new features so that the user is free to add his own videos on the spot and can add longer commentary as well. Even without Internet access, Mobile users benefit from full functionality of MemVideo® services.


We have streamlined the Mobile interface as shown below:

Users Home Page

Videos to See

Videos I own

My Videos Seen

If List too long, Select Videos by First letters

Advanced Features



Advanced Features Page

Adding Videos

Add Videos from Master List

Add Your Own Videos

Updating Videos

From To See List

Select a Video to Update

From My Videos List

Select a Video to Update

From Filtered My Videos List

Select Videos by First Letters




Some of the advantages to accessing your video info by Mobile are:

At MemVideo® our emphasis is on Convenience and Simplicity for the typical user. Standard cell phones that have a data connection are compatible with our service. No App to download, no special phone to buy


Smartphone or Handset Users with Internet Access:

Just enter the web address: and save it as a bookmark.
We have designed our web site to be fast loading with minimal graphics. Many users have remarked how well our web pages appear on their small screens.


Mobile Phone Users:

Enter the address: and save it as a bookmark.

Most of today's Mobiles have data capability. (Service providers normally assess a small charge for data transfer.) We have designed our service so pages load quickly and screens fit compactly in the Mobile display.

From user reports over the past four years, our MemVideo® service works well in many countries around the world in fact with no perceptible delay. One common message that has been reported is "server not found" but this just reflects a synch delay and when you press 'enter' again the page loads as expected.

To start using our MemVideo® service please Register then Login to create your personal wine database.


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