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Here it's simple to maintain your own personal record of videos you've seen and those you wish to see. Add comments, personal feelings and ratings. Maintain an inventory of the ones you own and a list of the ones you want to buy. MemVideo® is simple, fast, personal and FREE.

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ALERT and Total Project for Sale

Includes Established Domain Names, Databases and ASP code



New Immediacy: Add your own videos as you like or select from the Database.

New Search Facility for Video Reviews at other sites.

Access MemVideo® anywhere in the world by Mobile or Handheld while on the go!   Cellphone

Here are some of the benefits when you try MemVideo® :

  • Large Database  of videos with basic details, continually updated with Member inputs
  • You're the Expert!  add personal ratings and reviews
  • Maintain a personal inventory  of the videos you own (VHS, DVD or any format)
  • Extended Notes   for your reviews, personal feelings, ambience, references
  • Search Leading Video Sites   for expert reviews, background info, relevant data
  • Accessible Anytime  by Mobile with full functionality at
  • Register and Login  to maintain your privacy

    Free Service: try it out! It's Fun and Even a Little Bit Addictive.

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